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Top Ten Tips to Remember When Exercising

March 13, 2011

1)      Never exercise on an empty stomach, your body needs fuel.

2)      Always warm up before you start ANY exercise.

3)      Remember to drink plenty of water – Staying hydrated when exercising is essential in order for your body to perform to its best ability.

4)      Start gently and gradually warm up, you do not want to shock your body or worse still injury it.

5)      Put on some motivating music when exercising, this will help to get yourself into a positive frame of mind –You can achieve ANYTHING.

6)      Never exercise if you’re feeling ill or carry on exercising if you feel pain of any kind –listen to your body if it needs rest, you should never ignore this.

7)      If you are exercising outside (running etc.) try to go with a buddy, wear bright and reflective clothing, carry a mobile phone and let someone know the route you will be taking.

8)      Plan your week ahead, whether  your exercising in a gym, at home, a class or outside, specify at the beginning of each week which days/nights you will exercising. That way if you have planned for it you will be more likely to be successful in doing it.

9)      You should always finish off exercising with a cool down and stretches.

10)    Don’t worry if you miss a workout session, stay focused and continue with your work out plan for the next day.